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advoli specializes in simplifying complex systems. The leader in HDBaseT certified graphics cards and ultra compact HDBaseT extenders. From residential, commercial, industrial to medical HDBaseT equipment.
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Google Earth in 13K by 4K Resolution

  |   Video

Playing around with Google Earth in 13K Resolution across six, 65 inch 4K DCI resolution Displays using our TA6 Performance HDBaseT-certified graphics card, with AMD embedded E9550. The video signal is sent over CAT 6 cables at a distance of 100 meters with line latency (no frame latency).   The reason for making this video is to show real-time rendering capabilities and live streaming, resolution is across 6 displays that are 65 inch in size, each display having 4K DCI resolution (total 12960 px x 4088 px), making a combined display size of 4.92m by 1.45m (~ 5.38ft by 1.58 ft)....

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