Advoli | advoli Launches Two Additional HDBaseT-certified Graphics Cards
advoli Launches Two Additional HDBaseT-certified Graphics Cards expanding the offering of the World's First HDBaseT Graphics Card
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advoli Launches Two Additional HDBaseT-certified Graphics Cards

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March 22, 2018 – Advoli Limited (advoli™) announced this week two additional HDBaseT™-certified PCIe 16x graphics cards, expanding the line-up of the world’s first HDBaseT-certified graphics card. The graphics cards are powered by AMD Embedded Radeon™ E8860 Series GPU, and deliver six HDBaseT channels with independent 1080p resolution videos for up to 150 meters over CAT cables.


The already released TA6, has been renamed “TA6 Performance,” delivering six independent channels of 4K UHD content for up to 100 meters, powered by the AMD Embedded Radeon™ E9550 series GPU. The newly announced graphics cards are named “TB6 Standard” and “TA6 Distance”.


The TA6 Distance utilizes the same HDBaseT technology as the TA6 Performance graphics card, but with a GPU processor that allows lower power consumption at reduced cost, but with the computational capability necessary for most digital signage, control rooms and information displays. The TA6 Distance enables up to 150 meters at 1080p across six independent HDBaseT channels, ensuring extra reach across multiple rooms.


The TB6 Standard is designed for distances of less than 70 meters and can power six independent 1080p displays. The graphics card is suitable for installations that require shorter reach such as menu boards, in-room displays and projectors.


All three graphics cards, the TB6 Standard, TA6 Distance and TA6 Performance, include diagnostic tools to determine cable tampering, cable distance and signal integrity, for easy troubleshooting of installations. In addition, emulated controls for IR, RS-232 and CEC allow for remote management and compatibility with virtually any industry display or projector. EDID information can be passed through or emulated, meaning hot swapping of displays and projectors can be done without affecting the display order.


“With the introduction of additional HDBaseT-certified graphics cards, advoli continues to provide system integrators with increased flexibility in their installations, enabling true point-to-point connections and reducing complexity,” said Ariel Sobelman, President, HDBaseT Alliance. “With the TB6 Standard, TA6 Distance and TA6 Performance graphic cards, advoli shows the many possibilities enabled by HDBaseT, for the benefit of installers around the world.”


“We are delighted to see the AMD Embedded Radeon E8660 leveraged in the HDBaseT world. With an attractive peak power draw of 50W to ensure low energy consumption, while still being able to drive six 1080p displays as well as 4K UHD applications, this AMD GPU helps to push graphics and parallel processing performance to new heights.” said Stephen Turnbull, director of product marketing, Datacenter and Embedded Solutions, AMD. “AMD supports innovation with our embedded GPUs and we are pleased to collaborate with advoli to use our technology in new ways.”


“At advoli we think outside the box and merge existing and new technologies in disruptive ways. We are taking well-established graphics cards and merging them with HDBaseT, the ultimate technology for AV installations, to increase the functionality and power of media sources over displays and projectors at long distances. We will keep pushing the envelope with our new products and look forward to an exciting 2018 with many more product releases” said Paul Torkehagen, head of commercial development at advoli. “Our goal is to partner with leading companies in the market to drive positive disruption in the way the AV industry operates.”


Advoli Limited is a registered Hong Kong company with its technology development office in Taipei, Taiwan, founded by two Norwegian nationals, Clas Sivertsen and Paul Torkehagen aiming to create disruptive technology for the audiovisual industry. For more information on advoli, please visit the advoli website:


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advoli TA6 Distance and TB6 Standard

advoli TA6 Distance and TB6 Standard