Advoli | Google Earth in 13K by 4K Resolution
The video showing Google Earth and Google Earth Pro at 13K by 4K across six 4K, 65 inch displays (5 meters of displays) using TA6 Performance six channel HDBaseT-certified graphics card with AMD embedded E9550 sending video over 100 meters using CAT cables and displaying
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Google Earth in 13K by 4K Resolution

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Playing around with Google Earth in 13K Resolution across six, 65 inch 4K DCI resolution Displays using our TA6 Performance HDBaseT-certified graphics card, with AMD embedded E9550. The video signal is sent over CAT 6 cables at a distance of 100 meters with line latency (no frame latency).


The reason for making this video is to show real-time rendering capabilities and live streaming, resolution is across 6 displays that are 65 inch in size, each display having 4K DCI resolution (total 12960 px x 4088 px), making a combined display size of 4.92m by 1.45m (~ 5.38ft by 1.58 ft). The video towards the end is a youtube stream at 8K.


The idea is to show live content production / rendering with interaction, streaming and passive video content, specifically for digital signage and video production purposes where 24-30FPS is more than acceptable (concerts, movie, museums, advertisement, DOOH interactive signage, control rooms etc..).


Google earth and Google Earth Pro at 13K resolution only consumed equal or less than 50% of CPU, GPU and Memory. The bottleneck is internet connectivity to download map content and cache size that Google earth permits.


The switch between close-up and far-away is to let you see the level of details on each display.


4K video capture from iphone does not show how spectacular it is in person. We did not apply bezel correction in all the shots.


TA6 Performance has multiple pending and published patents.


Video Stream of New York is from youtube and is made by Phil Holland, and you can view the video in all of its original glory here:


World weather map was live from


AMD and Google Earth are registered trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc and Google / Alphabet Inc, respectively. HDBaseT is a registered trademark of the HDBaseT alliance.



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