Advoli | World's first HDBaseT multiseat environment
Video demo of world's first HDBaseT multiseat environment at InfoComm 2019. Uncompressed 4K, ultra low latency over 100 meters.
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Demo of HDBaseT multiseat environment at InfoComm 2019

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Watch advoli demo the world’s first native HDBaseT multiseat environment @ InfoComm 2019. 4K uncompressed over 100m with < 10 μs latency. Using advoli Limited TA4E Standard HDBaseT graphics card and soon to be released ultra compact receivers with 2 x HID ports for keyboard, mouse and clickers. Software is Aster from, watch by clicking the video on this page or go to:


The demo showcases a very cost effective way for educational institutions to avoid buying a PC for every student saving considerable cost. Even the low energy consuming GPU from our Standard and Distance categories E8860 GPU can deliver 4K DCI content. The solution is also good for secure environments, where you want to prevent security leaks and intrusions as only HID (keyboard & mouse) is usable. Mass storage devices will not be recognized, preventing injection of viruses and other malicious content. Use the solution with our higher-end graphics cards based on the AMD E9550 GPU as well as a stronger CPU and motherboard and you have a powerful and cost effective uncompressed, ultra-low latency, 4K multiseat environment for most workflows.


Partner with us for an embedded solution and we can enable your touch displays, so that only one computer can run multiple kiosks, reducing hardware cost and maintenance considerably.


Thank you to AMD, Shuttle, Intel, Aster, Valens and HDBaseT Alliance for the support to make this demo possible.