Advoli | HDBaseT video card line-up at InfoComm 2019
HDBaseT video cards with EDID management, cable diagnostics, PoE controller, customizable vbios & more. Quick video intro from InfoComm 2019
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HDBaseT video card line-up at InfoComm 2019

  |   Announcements, Exhibition, Video

A quick introduction to our line-up of HDBaseT video cards at InfoComm 2019. Showing a fraction of the many use cases: residential, commercial, industrial, medical and command & control to name a few. By going natively HDBaseT, you avoid the many failure points, costs and maintenance points in your audiovisual installations compared to using extenders or costly matrix switches. It also allows you to avoid the many embedded PC products that make serviceability and security a headache – place the server in a climate controlled and safe/secure location.


All of our cards have built in EDID management (lock, spoof and emulate + more), cable diagnostics (HDBaseT cable quality, disconnects, voltmeter + more), PoE controller (adjust PoE for greater compatibility and flexibility), customizable vbios, modular for GPU upgrades & much much more. Probably the most functionality advanced graphics cards on the world market. Watch here: #avtweeps