Advoli | Warping and Blending with Warpalizer and advoli HDBaseT video card
Warp and Blend using HDBaseT video cards and Warpalizer Software
HDBaseT, Graphics Card, video card, Warpalizer, Warp and Blend, HDBaseT
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Warp and Blend with Warpalizer and advoli HDBaseT video card

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We regularly receive questions on whether our cards can be used in simulators that need warp and blend across projectors. Warpalizer based out of Sweden and Norway was happy to test our products in their offices to showcase both the power of advoli HDBaseT video cards and their awesome Warp and Blend software Warpalizer. To check out their software go to:


In the video:


1 x Off the shelf PC with advoli TA6 Performance inside. This can easily be done with our 4 channel cards as well.
2 x Optoma mini projectors.
2 x RA1 Performance receivers
1 x Curved projector screen / canvas