Advoli | 18 individual desktops over 3 HDBaseT Video Cards with EDID locking
A historical video snippet from the library doing multi-GPUs, maxing Windows registry with 18 desktops and testing EDID locking in hardware over advoli HDBaseT graphics cards.
1080p, 18 desktops, advoli, cat cable, displaywall, EDID emulation, EDID lock, EDID locking, graphics cards, HDBaseT, max resolution, networked video cards, startup, video card, video cards, windows, windows max resolution
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18 desktops over 3 HDBaseT Video Cards with EDID locking

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This is a video of our first office. Completely messy, but that is start-up life and hardware testing.


It is one third a fun video, one third informational and one third historical.


The video is showcasing 18 x 1080P individual desktops using our advoli TB6 Standard video cards sending video over CAT cables. We did not have enough displays in the office at that time, that is why we demo our EDID locking capabilities allowing us to hot plug cables without Windows messing up the desktop orders (screen preservation) and allowing us to show that we are indeed sending video out on all 18 ports.


Also not directly addressed in the video is the mixture of many different displays and resolutions, however through our EDID emulation we can force the same EDID information on to all displays and lock it to 1080P (or 4K for our other models).


This amount of resolution and arrangement maxed out Windows registry. #maxresolution


Thank you to Samsung, Intel and Gigabyte for all the support given to us back then!