Supporting Partners


Our technology – although developed fully in-house and entirely with our own resources – would have been difficult had it not been for a group of companies and their technologies.

Being a start-up it is important to have easy access to the right individuals within companies that are willing to support and gamble on a start-up. These companies need to possess the spirit of innovation, and we are proud to call them our partners.

Below is a brief introduction to how some companies have supported us in our quest to develop our technologies and bring them to market. We hope to increase this list in the near future.

ACT Power™

ACT Power™ is the first company that we have seen develop large size 4K displays for display wall application with thin bezel. ACT Power™ was therefore a natural partner for us to showcase our HDBaseT™ Certified advoli™ TA6 Graphics Card in our lobby with 6 x 65 inch 4K displays with thin bezels. ACT Power™ has a management with a ‘can do’ attitude and willingness to think outside the box and be creative. Drop by our offices and the first thing you will see is ACT Power™ displays behind the receptionist. Check out their products at their website:

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (AMD™)

AMD™ is advoli’s core supplier for the GPUs that we use in our TA6 series graphics card. AMD has shown willingness to work with a small start-up that is doing the non-conventional, allowing us to bring our products to market and bringing the world’s first HDBaseT Certified Graphics Card to reality.

AMD also has a great line-up of GPUs that allow us to push the number of outputs to the maximum without splitting or scaling the video signals. Our first graphics card uses the AMD Embedded Radeon E9550 Series GPU, allowing for 6 independent channels pushing 4K (UHD) resolution videos. We hope to make even more graphics cards in the future with AMD, pushing the envelope even further.

AMD, the AMD logo, Radeon, and combinations thereof are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

HDBaseT™ Alliance

Our core technology in all of our products are based on HDBaseT. advoli is also a contributing member of the HDBaseT Alliance, showing our serious commitment in actively participating and assisting in developing the HDBaseT technology for the future.

We have had the great pleasure to travel to HDBaseT headquarters in Israel as well as participate in the annual HDBaseT congress. It has been a true pleasure to have HDBaseT and Valens support us over the years and give guidance on certifying our products and involving us in the development of the HDBaseT technology.

The HDBaseT team is supportive, innovative and willing to push the audiovisual industry into the future and set the standard.


Intel® was the first company to show support to advoli™. Intel® provided us with a multitude of processors to test on our setup and became a CPU partner for advoli™.

With the support of Intel® we were able to optimise the i7 series CPUs needed to run 6 x UHD (4K) resolution videos on a single graphics card, as well as Xeon™ processors for our server size solutions running 18 x FHD (2K) videos. The two Xeon™ processors with 3 of our advoli™ TA6 Graphics Cards are shown in the opening video of our website. Without Intel®’s support, it would have been a difficult challenge to bring our product to market.

We are extremely grateful for Intel®’s continued support and willingness to wait, wait and wait some more to see our product reach commercialisation. It is therefore that all of our installations use Intel® CPUs.


Samsung™ were welcoming and open to collaboration from our first introduction. They sent a team of engineers and business people to our offices to identify the potential value of our technology to system integrators.

Samsung™ supported us with displays to go through our R&D to test controls and signal integrity. In addition, when money was short they allowed us to spend time at their smart house in Taipei, to test out our technology on 6 x 3 display wall (18 displays) and were extremely supportive in helping solve technical installation issues. It is from the Samsung™ Smart House that our video on the front page of our website during launch was shot.


Valens holds the key to the HDBaseT technology. It is at the heart of our products allowing us to supply full 5Play features over CAT cables. We have great admiration for Valens and their ability to enter a well established audiovisual industry and heavily disrupt.

No other company in the audiovisual industry has been able to take the needs and existing technology and combine it all into a new chipset that delivers nearly all the needs of the most sophisticated industries. We are extremely happy to have Valens support over the years.

We aim to utilize Valens chips in new ways that no other audiovisual manufacturer has currently done.

Your Company

The innovation journey is sometimes a lonesome, tiresome and money draining process, however it is an incredibly joyous and a rewarding process once you are successful. If you are interested in partnering with us on a new product, be it hardware, software or firmware. Do reach out to us, if we have not already reached out to you: